Don’t Snooze And Lose – Take These Business Decisions Right Now

Most companies lose their standing from a competitive perspective because they resist change. In a fast-moving world, staying in the same place and working at the same pace that you used to a few years ago is not going to make you very successful. You as an entrepreneur need to make the active decision of adapting to changing times in order to not just survive, but to thrive in the world today. So here are a few business decisions that you should consider if you don’t want to be left behind;

Bringing New Blood into the Company

Any business needs skilled workers to get the day-to-day business processes in place and running. When was the last time you recruited someone new to the company? If you can’t remember when, then it is probably not a good sign. Existing employees are very important to a company as they have already undergone the proper training and already possess the industry and company specific knowledge and experience to perform their tasks. However, new employees bring new ideas, a fresh perspective on things and a livelier vibe into a company. Many have been the instances when a newbie had solved an age-old problem that the more senior employees have been struggling with. So take a look at which departments might benefit from new employees and get the recruitment process started.

A Fresh Start with Marketing

Are you promoting your brand the same way you used to when you first started your business? Newspaper ads, radio advertisements and television commercials are still good marketing tools but there are cheaper and more effective alternatives available today. As you may already know, word of mouth is the strongest advertiser, and social media has made it possible for people to share their ideas about goods and services for the whole world to see. App development is becoming a very popular way of engaging customers, especially the younger generation. Because of the convenience of use right from a mobile phone or laptop, user-friendly software and the ability to retrieve real-time information, software applications are the way to go for most like the app development for hairdressing business.

There are many skilled mobile app development who have built a reputation for coming up with creative and innovative ideas when it comes to software applications. Consult with one today to get your business application and start anew with your marketing plan.

Networking and Building Connections

Staying connected with the outside world is crucial to any business. Without being aware of changing market conditions and varying customer requirements, you will be totally in the dark about what is going on, and this can lead to serious consequences such as falling sales revenue, decrease in profitability and reduced market share. As a player in a multiplayer game, you need to network and constantly build connections with others from the same industry as well as with those from related industries. So it makes sense to attend the corporate events and galas that you are invited to and to exchange business cards with people who might be able to help you become a better businessman.

A Guide To Using Your Gopro To Capture Motorcycle Trips

There is no better way to see the countryside than on your motorcycle. You can ride along, exposed to the elements, with only the wind to accompany you on your journey. Thanks to action cameras, however, you can now share these experiences with others. You can now capture every moment of your trip in exquisite detail, getting exquisite footage of your surroundings. 
While working action cameras is relatively simple, there are a few complications posed by taking it on a motorcycle ride. For instance, you are going to have to contend with vibrations. You will also have to choose from a variety of mounts such as the best GoPro stabilizer mount. Furthermore, you are going to have to decide just where to attach your action camera for the best possible footage. Here is some much needed assistance on the subject: 
Finding the Right Spot
There are several places on your bike that you can set up your camera. The first things you are going to have to do, however, is decide what type of footage that you want. One of the more common places to place the camera is on the handlebars. Even then, nonetheless, some people prefer to have it facing behind them so they catch the scenery that they are leaving behind. Others like to have it facing forwards, to catch the surroundings that are rushing past. Of course, there are also riders that like setting up the camera at the back as well. Make sure that it is facing the right direction at the right angle. 
Cut Down Vibrations
One thing that you are going to have to contend with is an enormous amount of vibrations. This will be emitted from the bike as well as the road. This, in turn, means that your footage will be unwatchable due to the incredible amount of blurring and shaking. If you want to minimize this effect, you should use a 3 axis gimbal for GoPro. This will make the picture a lot steadier and capture the environment beautifully. To take the effect up a notch, place a bit of rubber under the mount to absorb even more vibration.
Choosing Resolution
It is tempting to use the highest resolution possible when capturing the footage. With most action cameras such as GoPro, you can set it up to an incredible resolution. The downside of this, however, is that your memory is going to fill up quite quickly. This means that you will not be able to capture as much. Another tip is to make sure you use the same resolution for all footage. 
Using these tips, you can set your action camera on your motorcycle and set off on the open road.