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The VR Revolution In All Generations

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Although it is assumed virtual reality is a recent invention, it can be dated back to up to more than 7 decades. Virtual reality was first introduced in the 1980’s and caught the eye of the public, but interest was soon lost due to the expectations driven into the minds of people by sciences fiction movies could not be met by the virtual reality technology back then. Virtual reality was reintroduced recently by the development of Oculus Rift VR headset and the Sony PlayStation VR headphones for PC and the PS4 respectively. Since then, virtual reality has gained mass appeal and in on route to bring forth a revolution of our personal smart devices. Click here for more info about virtual reality in Australia.
Where VR is taking over
Mark Zuckerberg himself stated his belief about virtual reality being the next platform and has announced his plans to bring virtual reality to Facebook. This is made possible due to the acquisition of Oculus Rift for $2 billion dollars in 2014. Oculus is already shipping out units of their gaming VR headset but Facebook CEO has much broader plans for Ocular Rift.
Mark Zuckerberg revealed a team put together to produce an Oculus Rift unit focused on social networking and goes by the name of Social VR. With Social VR, the user will be able feel as if the friend they use communicate through Social VR is with them in the very room, even though the friend might be on the other end of the planet. Virtual reality is already taking over gaming, allowing the player to be fully immersed into the game that it’s very easy to forget that it’s not actual reality, although the price tag might mean that it may take time for VR headset to be owned by the mass public.
Samsung and LG unveiled their virtual reality devices by placing your smartphone into a VR headset to jump through to a alternative reality with about 200+ apps and games to start off from, including a music app that will play alternative shapes and lines varying to the beats and the pitch of the music which would seem perfect for audiophiles as it allows you to completely block out the world and focus on the music entirely. It won’t be a surprise if in the near future everyone ends up with their smartphone stuck to their face as it seems that Virtual reality is taking over and has plans to stay. Virtual reality events in Australia are currently being held such as the Sundance film festival.
Virtual reality events held by Facebook and other companies to test out their virtual reality devices and volunteering for such an event will allow you to test experience virtual reality for yourself. 
Augmented reality
Mark Zuckerberg states that his objective for Social VR is to develop a lightweight eyeglass that allows you to easily switch from virtual reality to the real world. To take it a step further, devices can transcend from virtual reality to augmented reality. Augmented reality blurs the line between the real world and computer produced reality by overlaying parts of virtual reality onto the real world itself, allowing you to access data without switching your attention or changing your focus.

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