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What Tech Can Do For Schools?

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Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Even a little child knows how to unlock a tablet, go online and watch nursery rhymes and baby videos all in an age where we were making mud pies back in the good old days. Technology is now becoming everything and because of it we are more and more dependent on it for our daily activities.

We are so intimate with technology that we are now finding it difficult to live without it especially our younger generation. We who never had personalized high-tech gadgets at home can somehow learn to survive without them simply because we were not born in to a tech world. But our children and our children’s children will find it an absolutely difficult task simply because they were born in to it and bred in it. They will not know anything much apart from their iPods, iPads, xboxes, laptops and other gadgets. Visit http://www.rtg.com.au/managed-it-services/ 

From eLearning to online shopping we have it all thanks to the new technological advancements. That is how much technology has advanced with in these few past decades.

BYOD education or Bring Your Own Device education is a new way of teaching mainly adopted in many schools in different states of the United States of America. Children are encouraged to bring their own devices to school and convert it in to a learning experience. Rather than saying they can’t do something or bring their tech devices toschool you can make them bring it to school and use it in a mind stimulating manner. This was introduced as a way to get around the budget cuts in schools where schools can’t afford to buy or maintain computers and other devices in schools. However many has argued that this can have bad repercussions because the governments will stop financing schools to buy their own equipment. 

And also a lot of parents complain that thus might be a way of getting the parents to do the government’s job of facilitating and equipping schoolswith the necessary equipment. What if the parents can’t afford to buy all the tech gadgets and devices needed for the child? What happens then?

Well these are questions that has its pros and cons. With the advancements in technology schools can’t afford to be lagging back. Technology has become something really close to the young generation and it is easy to get through to them using new technology. So it is up to the schools to decide what they want to do and what means and methods they use to reach out to young ones and to make learning fun.

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